Demons vs. Wizards is a 5-10 minute turn-based card game, which is so easy, that even a small kid can play without reading a complicated manual. You can either challenge your friends to settle a score or beat the computer controlled opponent to kill some time. Two players can play on the same screen, so it truly feels like a real tabletop card game.

  • Great introduction to fantasy card game worlds.
    Especially for kids." /Dmtri Sarle @ Arcticstartup
  • The game is pretty fun and
    the interface is well designed. /Bradley Cummings @ iosboardgames.com
  • Rating 5 of 5 Very nice tcg game. Easy and fun /App Store comments
  • Rating 4 of 5 Nicely done! /App Store comments
  • Fun, Quick Playing Card Dueler! /App Store comments
  • Very polished, quick and pretty game. /App Store comments
  • Rating 5 of 5 Quick, fun, some strategy,
    some luck. /App Store comments
  • Rating 5 of 5 Такой игры не хватало! /App Store comments
  • Rating 5 of 5 Замечательная идея и реализация! /App Store comments
  • Rating 5 of 5 Good for young player! /App Store comments
  • Rating 4 of 5 Strangely addictive! /App Store comments

Game Features

Screens & Videos

Here you can check out the latest trailers, gameplay videos,
tutorials or even some fun ways to use Demons vs. Wizards game.
There also are some of screenshots for you eyes to feast and wallpapaers to feed your desktop.

In Development

Our team is constantly working on improving this game, implementing new ideas, cover more platforms and make everyting as polished as it possible. Sometimes it takes more time that we planned because of our habbit to double and even triple check. Here is the list of the features we planning to have in Demons vs. Wizards:


  • AI Improvement
  • Game Center integration
  • Highscores & Stats
  • Cool Achievements
  • Online play

Future plans:

  • New Platforms
  • New Decks
  • New Cards
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